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It was about 11:15 PM on this Wednesday night, when the winds were shaking this old house and all went dark....was I ever grateful when about ten seconds later, "POP"!..."Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good" (Gen.1: 3&4). Indeed it was! I am so very grateful for the peace of mind provided by my new Generac generator! I wanted to hug you, but I hugged my dear wife instead, and she hugged me back! The unit ran for about 26 hours and kept us cozy. Thanks, Todd, for your amiable smile and competent hand! We send you our best for continued success.

Todd was excellent. He teamed with a gas provider and a landscaper that were excellent and coordinated the job. It was like having a general contractor. You can't do better than this guy and his team. I'm happy to have him give me as a reference and anyone can call me. I'll have him back for other electrical work.

When Hurricane Sandy passed through, she left my 20KW Generac generator flat as a pancake with a 40 year old oak tree on top of it. A short time later, I went to 4 local generator dealers for pricing to installation of a new generator. By far, Proficient Electric had the best price, prompt service and their team was very knowledgeable. I ought to know, for I an electrical engineer by trade and have been in the commercial construction business for over 30 years. I highly recommend Proficient Electric.

Todd is reliable, fairly priced, transparent regarding price discussions, does what he says he will do when he says he will do it. I can't say enough good things about Todd. We highly recommend him for generator work as well as all electrical work.

Todd and his crew are some of the best around. Although they did not install our generator, we hired them to service it. On the day before Hurricane Sandy hit, I looked out to see them checking to make sure the generator was working properly BEFORE WE NEEDED IT. I hadn't even called them. This kind of proactive service is why i recommend Proficient Electric to anyone considering installing a generator.

While away form home we experienced a problem and Proficient was right on top of it, making several visits to ensure that power was working properly. We are MOST appreciative!!

Todd Eppley and his team at Proficient should be your go-to guys for all issues electric. Every time I have a need they respond and the job is done. Often it goes like this: "Hey Todd, can you do something like this...?" "Umm... okay, I'll be right over."

Todd went above and beyond the call of duty in setting us up with a whole house generator. He explained everything clearly and provided service that far exceeded our expectations. When snow interrupted the installation of our unit, he went out of his way to connect our portable generator as an interim source until the snow finally melted and allowed him to install our permanent unit. I highly recommend Proficient Electric!

The Proficient Electric Team did a fantastic job from beginning to end. Arrived when the said they would, gave the best quote, with the better options. Come the day of the installation, a friendly team of guys took the time to answer my questions, and did a really nice clean job on the equipment installation. They followed up with the Gas company to make sure that everything was operational, and got everything in working order before the first big storm of the winter. If you are in the market for a new generator, do yourself a favor, call Proficient Electric. Todd and his team will be sure to please!

Proficient Electric/ Todd Eppley is a pleasure to work with -- conscientious, professional, and highly responsive. I recommend him highly!

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